NEOCC hosting Graduation Event for students enrolled in YSU’s Short Term Credential Program

The Core Civic’s Northeast Ohio Correctional Center (NEOCC) will host a graduation on December 5, from 8:30 - 10 a.m. for 10 students being recognized for their earning of a Certified Manufacturing Associate (CMfgA), an Industry Recognized Credential (IRC), through YSU’s partnership program.

In summer 2022, YSU announced the new workforce development initiative with the NEOCC, a non-degree short term credential program providing incarcerated individuals an opportunity to earn in-demand industry credentials through YSU’s Division of Workforce Education and Innovation.

Upon completion of the offered program, students will earn the Tooling University Certified Manufacturing Associate (CMfgA), an IRC, focused on basic manufacturing concepts, demonstrating an individual's potential for high-demand, entry-level manufacturing roles.

The City of Youngstown’s Mayor, Jamael Tito Brown will be in attendance during the graduation event to present as a keynote speaker. YSU’s Division of Workforce Education and Innovation’s Associate Vice President, David Janofa will also speak during the awarding of certificates.

Three of the 10 students graduating will be awarded two IRC’s, the CMfgA and the Robotics in Manufacturing Fundamentals (RMF).

Since the partnership/program launch, 39 students have passed the certification exam, 42 credentials have been issued, 39 CMfgA have been earned, and three RMF certificates granted.

54 students are currently enrolled in class at NEOCC and seven at Lake Erie Correctional Institution.