Honors College launches Spanish version of website

Thanks to an interdisciplinary student-faculty collaboration, several sections of the Sokolov Honors College webpage are now available in Spanish. The initial rollout includes Spanish versions of the home page, apply page, and dean’s welcome.

The Sokolov Honors College initiated the project in an effort to connect with the growing population of Spanish-speakers in the United States.

“The Spanish web page is part of our effort to be more inclusive and to connect with prospective students and families from all backgrounds,” said Amy Cossentino, dean of the Sokolov Honors College.

The project launched near the end of Spring semester with honors student Cassandra Arcenio, a sophomore Biology/Pre-Med major volunteering to translate existing web page content.

“There are families where the parents only speak Spanish, so instead of the kids having to explain it to them, the Spanish pages allow the parents to read and learn about it first-hand,” Arcenio said.

Arcenio, who is Peruvian, provided the initial translations, which were reviewed by Alicia Prieto Langarica, professor of Mathematics who is from Mexico, and Paulina Montaldo, Spanish instructor, who is Chilean.

“One goal of having multiple reviewers is to ensure anyone from any Spanish-speaking country can understand it,” said Prieto Langarica, who is also a member of the honors advisory board.

Arcenio said she enjoys working with the collaborators on the project, adding that many Hispanics on campus “consider each other a mini family.” Arcenio was raised learning both English and Spanish and stays sharp in Spanish by reading books out loud daily to practice her pronunciation.

The project, which supports global perspectives (one of five pillars of academic and social excellence within the Sokolov Honors College) will continue on a rolling basis until all pages have been translated.