Hand-washing units installed as YSU looks to Fall semester

President and Mrs. Ellen Tressel demonstrating the new handwashing stations on campusYoungstown State University unveiled today 10 hand-washing stations that will be deployed across campus as students return to campus for the start of the Fall semester on Aug. 17.

“These units are part of the university’s comprehensive plans for a safe and healthy return to classes on campus,” said Julie Gentile, YSU director of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.

“Health experts agree that washing your hands may be the single most effective defense to the spread of the coronavirus. YSU is committed to ensuring that all students have facilities available to keep their hands clean and virus-free.”

Each of the touchless wash stations, produced by Personal Protected in New Middletown, Ohio, provide four washing units allowing 720 individual, 20-second hand-washes per hour. YSU student Jessica Swartz created the YSU graphics for each station.

Five of the stations were donated by Ellen Tressel, YSU’s first lady and wife of President Jim Tressel.

“As we gear up for the start of Fall semester, these stations are one way to make sure that our students are as safe as they can be,” Ellen Tressel said.

After Spring Break in March, YSU switched to all online, remote classes in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and students have not been back on campus since. The university has announced that it plans to restart on-campus classes for the Fall semester and has developed Safety and Health Guidelines and other protocols as students return.

The new YSU branded handwashing stations that will be available across campus in the fallThe hand-washing stations will be located in building lobbies, at the WATTS center and various other areas on campus. The stations are mobile and designed with barriers to help with social distancing.

Personal Protected is a division of Hitch-Hike Manufacturing, a family-owned business started in the 1970s. More at www.personalprotected.com. “Our students are our future, and we want our future to be healthy,” said Jeff Swartz, company president.