Graduate students show off scholarly works

Diversity of Scholarship
Anthony Taddeo, left, and Michael Deak, right, were among a dozen YSU graduate students who presented their research in the 2021 Virtual Diversity in Scholarship event. Watch Deak's presentation,Taddeo's presentation and the entire program on YouTube.

Dinosaurs, Italian folk music and food insecurity during a pandemic are among the research topics addressed by Youngstown State University graduate students in the 2021 Diversity of Scholarship event.

The event, sponsored by the College of Graduate Studies and the Office of Research Services, was held virtually this year and can be watched here. The evening featured presentations by a diverse group of a dozen YSU graduate students whose scholarly work was reviewed and selected for inclusion by the Graduate Student Advisory Council.

“Scholarly and creative works are essential to the discovery of knowledge and are essential to making our society and our world a more beautiful place,” said Sal Sanders, dean of the YSU College of Graduate Studies and assistant provost for cyber learning. “Thankfully, they are also key outcomes of graduate-level education.”

Students, and their faculty advisors, selected to present include:

  • Burak Cetin, advisor Alina Lazar, Federated Wireless Network Intrusion Detection.
  • Ryan Morton and Jacob Rasey, advisor Weiqing Ge, Improving Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs in Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Health in the United States.
  • Anthony Taddeo, advisor David Morgan, "Alla Boara" Re-discovering the Diversity of Italy’s Folk Music through Modern Jazz Composition.
  • Mykaela Wagner, advisor Gary Walker, The Right Stuff: How Changing Culture Conditions Affects Muscle Stem Cells. 
  • Dema Esper, advisor Weiqing Ge, Screening for Food Insecurity Among College Students; Before and During a Pandemic.
  • Christopher Bansah, advisor C. Virgil Solomon, Innovative Approach of Producing Sputtering Targets through Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing.
  • Michael Deak, advisor Michael Butcher, Fuzz Today, Gone Tomorrow?: New Insight into the Life Appearance of the Tyrant Dinosaurs.
  • Kayla Johnston, advisor Richard VanVoorhis, Gaining Perspective Through International Collaboration.
  • James Malika, advisor Clovis Linkous, Electroless Deposition of CdTe on Stainless Steel 304 Substrates.
  • Sai Sree Puppala, advisor Suresh Sharma, Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool for Scenario Analysis for Sediment and Nutrient Load Reduction in Atwood and Tappan Lake Watershed.
  • Lilian Tetteh, advisor Charles Vergon, School Exclusionary Practices in Ohio: Trends and Impacts on African American Females.