Books dating to 1548 exhibited at Maag Library

Nearly two dozen of the oldest books in Maag Library’s Special Collections, including one dating to 1548, are on display in a temporary exhibit through the end of January in the library’s Reading Room on the fifth floor.

“Many of these books are works of art, with detailed engravings and decorated vellum or leather covers,” said Cassie Nespor of University Archives and Special Collections. “Their subjects cover a variety of topics including philosophy, religion, histories of people and cities, plays and operas, scientific studies, health/medicine, encyclopedias, and poems.”

Nespor said the books were published across Europe and Great Britain, and in many languages such as Latin, French, German, English, Spanish and Dutch. The display also includes the earliest books printed in the British Colonies/United States, including a small primer book from 1787 used to teach children at home.

The exhibits at University Archives and Special Collections on the fifth floor of Maag Library is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays through Jan. 31.