New! Use your Pete's points for Giant Eagle Penguin Pickup.

  • Customer will need to visit to create their order.
  • Students are encouraged to use their YSU e-mail to create an account.
  • Customer will have to use a credit card or debit card to reserve a time slot on the Giant Eagle website.
  • To use your Pete’s Points for your order, type in your Y Number at the end of your order under notes.
  • If you forget to put your Y Number in the notes section of your order, make sure you provide your cell phone number. When the GE shopper is preparing your order, they will text you. Let them know you want to complete your order with Pete’s Points.
  • Need to show a valid ID to pick up the groceries from the Cove service at Kilcawley Center.
  • Scheduled pickup dates will be Mondays and Thursdays.
  • The service is not available during holidays or academic breaks.
  • The minimum amount for a delivery order is $35
  • Add Pete's Points to your account now at

Note: Gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, explicit materials, or fuel at GetGo will not be provided in this service.


Q: How does the student know when to get their delivery?
A: Students will receive a call from Giant Eagle with information pertaining to the delivery.
Q: How do I pay with Pete’s Points for my order?
A: Type in your Y Number in the notes section at the end of your order.
Q: It looks like I paid for delivery. Will I get a refund for the delivery?
A: If you put in the personal shopper notes YSU, you will receive a refund for the delivery charge.
Q: How early can I create an order for Pickup at YSU?
A: 7 days
Q: How late can I create an order for Pickup at YSU?
A: Midnight the day before the delivery date is the latest you can create an order.
Q: Where do I pick up my order?
A: The service desk at The Cove, Kilcawley Center.
Q: I forgot to pick up my order. How long do I have before my order is thrown away?
A: The order will be thrown away the next business day.
Q: When can I pick up my order?
A: 2pm-5pm Monday & Thursday.
Q: What do I do if there is a problem with my order?
A: Please contact Giant Eagle at 330-759-9459.
Q: Who can I call to notify about picking up my order?
A: Please contact Kilcawley Cove at 330-941-2287.

Giant Eagle