NEC Digital Telephone User Guide

  • All extensions remain the same.
  • People from outside will still reach you the same way they have done in the past.
  • Below are some of the basic features in the system. The term "Soft key" is mentioned several times. Soft keys are features that appear in the display and can be activated/deactivated by pressing the button just below the feature that appears in the display.

HOLD: While on a call, press the red HOLD button. The line will flash green on your phone.
HOLD RETRIEVE: Press the flashing line button, continue conversation with call.
TRANSFER: While on a call, press the Transfer button, listen for interrupted dial tone, dial extension then hang up OR wait to announce call then hang up. If called party cannot take the announced transfer, the called party should hang up and you will automatically connect back to the initial caller. If you encounter a busy or unanswered extension, press Transfer again to return to the caller.
ANSWER: The Answer button allows you to answer any ringing line on your phone. This feature used mainly by secretarial positions to avoid accidentally picking up calls placed on hold by another person.
REDIAL: Display phones can view the last five numbers dialed. Press Redial button until desired number is viewed then press *
3-WAY CONFERENCE: While on a call, press the Transfer button, listen for interrupted dial tone then dial the number (extension or outside). When the called party answers announce the conference call, press the Conf soft key.
RECALL: This feature gives you new dial tone. Press the Recall button; another call can be made.
FEATURE: The Feature button on your phone is a program button.
Feature then - Toggles the Automatic Handset Answer feature on/off. Press Feature then Answer.
• Allows you to program your speed dial keys - see below
FORWARD ALL SET: Reroutes all of your calls to a different extension. Lift handset press F-AII soft key then the extension where you wish to send your calls. Hang up.
FORWARD CANCEL: Lift handset press F-AH soft key. Hang up.
FORWARD NO ANSWER SET: Allows you to program where your phone will forward after 4 rings. Normally, you will want calls to go to your voicemail on this condition which is the default programming if you use voicemail. Lift handset, press FDN soft key then the extension where you wish to send your calls. Hang up.
FORWARD NO ANSWER CANCEL: Lift handset press FDN soft key. Hang up.
GROUP PICKUP: If your phone has been programmed as a member ofa pick group, you may answer any other member's ringing phone by lifting the handset and pressing the PICK soft key.
CALLBACK: If you call an extension and encounter a busy signal, you can press the CB soft key. When the internal person you called hangs up, the phone system will alert you that they are available with a callback ring(triple-ring).
If you answer, the phone system will automatically redial the extension for you.
SPEED DIAL KEYS: Buttons that are not labeled may be used to store extensions or outside numbers or other feature codes. Press Feature button; press the blank button; dial the digits to be stored (include '9' this is an outside telephone number); press the Feature button.
MENU: Allows you to access your call history and change personal settings for your phone.
Call History - Press Menu then 1
Personal Settings - Press Menu then 5 1 1