NPC Sorority Membership Requirements

The Office of Student Activities considers the following GPA standards for all students seeking membership into a fraternity or sorority.  Chapters and governing councils may institute more stringent standards, policies, and processes for students seeking membership in organizations.

  • Have a minimum of a 2.50 overall cumulative GPA (except if a higher GPA is required by chapter/nationals/council)
  • If the potential new member is a first year student (who has not earned a YSU academic GPA) and is seeking membership, they can join with the understanding that they must have a 2.50 cumulative GPA from a previous institution or high school (For the NPHC Council – any full-time YSU Student seeking membership cannot be a first semester student.)
  • Be a full-time YSU Student (attempting 12 academic credits or more) during the semester in which they seek membership
  • No active conduct record with the Office of Student Conduct
  • Must attend a Greek 101 session specific to the council seeking membership within
  • Complete the Recognize and Prevent Hazing Module


Academic Requirements by Organization

Sorority High School College
Alpha Xi Delta 2.75 2.5
Alpha Omicron Pi 2.5 2.5
Delta Zeta 2.5 2.5
Zeta Tau Alpha 2.7 2.7


FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS (approximately, per semester)

Each chapter has several different types of dues and fees that must be paid in order for the chapter to function properly and for you to remain in good standing. Different chapters break their dues down differently, some include everything, and others allow you to make additional purchases for things like shirts, outside of the base cost. When you calculate everything, all of our chapters have relatively similar costs for a year.

You will receive information about each individual chapter’s costs during the open house round. Below are some general terms and things to consider regarding sorority financial obligations.

One-Time Fees
These are generally paid during your first semester and may include a badge fee or initiation fee.

Chapter Dues
These cover chapter operations, as well as the cost of chapter events like sisterhoods and socials. Some chapter dues include the full cost of formals and t-shirts.

Inter/National Dues
These are fees that go to the inter/national organization and allow you to be a member of the larger inter/national organization, and often help to fund programming, operations, etc. put on by the inter/national organization.



Alpha Xi Delta
Weekly Meetings, held Sunday evenings
Mandatory study tables depending on GPA

Alpha Omicron Pi
Weekly meetings held Sunday evenings
Mandatory study tables depending on GPA

Delta Zeta
Weekly chapter meeting held Monday nights

Zeta Tau Alpha
New member meetings, held at the best time for the new member class
Weekly chapter meetings, held Sundays at 7:00 pm