Explosions can occur from natural gas leaks, chemicals, boilers or other items that are under pressure.

If an explosion occurs and you are in the immediate area, take cover under a sturdy object such as a desk. Be prepared for further explosions.

  • Try to remain calm.
  • Stay away from windows, objects that may fall on you, and electrical equipment.
  • Evacuate the building as soon as you feel it is safe to do so.  Watch for falling objects while you are evacuating the building.
  • Note:  Individuals with disabilities may need assistance.
  • Do not move seriously injured victims unless they are in immediate danger such as fire or the building collapsing.
  • Contact YSU Police to inform them of the explosion.  Call (330)941-3527 or from a campus phone, dial 911.
  • Give YSU Police all pertinent information regarding the explosion.
    • Location
    • If anyone is injured and the extent of the injuries
    • Your name
  • Await the arrival of YSU Police.