Tuition and Fees

F-1 students must show proof of financial resources available for either an academic year (four 8-week sessions) or calendar year (four-week sessions and one 8-week Summer Session) of study. 

Students wishing to attend a summer session only must show proof of resources for the 8 weeks of study.

  • Full-time (20 hours per week) or part-time studies available
  • Estimated Expenses (All fees are subject to change)  
  • If you need an F-1 Student Visa, you must show that you are able to pay for your educational and living expenses for at least one academic year of study ($24,733 estimated)
  • Below are charts to determine how much you should verify that you are able to provide for each term of study. *NOTE F1 students must also show proof of finances for each dependent ($7,500/academic year for a spouse, $4,000/academic year for each child). 
  • Students are required to pay tuition and applicable student fees by the due date of each given to be eligible for continued enrollment in the program. 
  • Transferring Out: Students requesting a SEVIS record transfer are required to submit the YSU Transfer-Out Request Form along with proof of acceptance from the transfer-in school before the start date of each given term. Students that submit a transfer-out request passed the start date of any given term are required to pay tuition and applicable student fees in full. 
Estimated ELI Tuition and Costs (2023-2024)
Eli Tuition & Costs 8-Week term 16-week term academic year calendar year
Tuition (1*) $2,885 $5,770 $11,540 $14,425
YSU Student Fees (2*) $129 $129 $258 $387
Health Insurance (3*) $338 $676 1,351 $1,351
Textbooks (Estimated) $300 $600 $1,200 $1,500
Room + Board (4*) $2,596 $5,192 $10,384 $12,980
Total: $6,248 $12,367 $24,733 $30,643

Tuition (1*): Amount represents full-time enrollment. Tuition and costs are subject to change and become effective the date enacted. Upon receiving a visa, students are required to make a tuition deposit payment that will be applied toward their first two 8-week modules enrolled at the English Language Institute. 

YSU Student Fees (2*):  Student are required only required to pay $129 once per 16-week term. Student fee amount cannot be split for an 8-week term.

Health Insurance (3*): International Student Health Insurance is mandatory for students with F and J visas. Students are required to have continuous health insurance coverage throughout the calendar year, including summer months. YSU has contracted with a major insurance carrier to provide students with broad coverage for a reasonable cost.

Room and Board (4*): Cost of the most popular room and meal plan combination; Your cost will depend on the plans you select. Costs in the box cover the most popular room and meal plan combination (on-campus). On-Campus housing is required for all incoming ELI student unless eligible for an exemption. For more information about the on-campus housing requirement, please contact

Part-time Studies/Individual Course Fees

Available to U.S. Permanent Residents, U.S. Citizens, and those with Nonimmigrant Status Other Than F-1 and J-1.

Individual Course Fees
Grammar $720
Reading $720
Writing $720
Listening and Speaking $720

Refund Policy: If a student chooses to withdraw from ELI classes, he/she must do so no later than one week after the start of classes to receive a refund or reduction in charges for the term.