Update Your Faculty/Staff Information

If you have a preferred name, building, room number, phone number, employee web page, second building, or second room number update, please follow the directions below.

  1. Navigate to the Home tab in the penguinportal.ysu.edu.
  2. Select the Banner Self Service link in the e-Services for Faculty and Staff channel (on the Home tab).
  3. Select Personal Information tab.
  4. Select View/Update Faculty & Staff Directory Information.
  5. Edit any information where needed. Please note that the preferred (first) name* field will display in emails (i.e., From line) you send plus in the faculty/staff directory. If you so choose, an email display name** can be entered which will override your preferred name, in emails only (i.e., this will not display in the faculty/staff directory). In addition, your actual email address (e.g., bhsmith@ysu.edu) will not be affected.
  6. Phone numbers plus Building and room numbers are also editable fields.
  7. Personal web pages must be related to your job duties at YSU. When entering URL, omit the http:// preface (e.g. www.google.com for example).
  8. Make sure to click the Save button when finished.