Dr. Josef B. Simeonsson

Professor,  Analytical Chemistry

headshot of Dr. Simeonsson


B.S.: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1986

Ph.D.: University of Florida, Gainesville, 1990

Research Interests

Analytical Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Spectrometry Methods, Trace and Ultratrace Analysis, Analytical Laser Spectroscopy Methods-Fluorescence, Ionization and Raman, Environmental Analysis and Clinical Analysis, Biogeochemical cycling of trace species, environmental remediation, Biological trace element research, Flame and plasma diagnostics, plasma spectroscopy


Ezer, Muhsin; Elwood, Seth A.; Jones, Bradley T.; Simeonsson, Josef B..  Evaluation of a tungsten coil atomization-laser-induced fluorescence detection approach for trace elemental analysis.    Analytica Chimica Acta,  2006,  571(1),  136-141.

J. B. Simeonsson, M. Ezer.  Development of Sensor Substrate Materials for Spacecraft Air Quality Monitoring with SERS-Based Sensors.  SAE Technical Publication, 2004, 2004-01-2542.

J. B. Simeonsson.   Development of a SERS-Based Sensor for Monitoring Spacecraft Air Quality.  SAE Technical Publication, 2003, 2003-01-2550.