Attendance Verification Required for Military Students

Badges of the five branches of the military.

NOTE: Feel free to copy and paste this sample e-mail to each of your professors regarding verification of your attendance. Fill in all bolded items before sending.

Dear Professor/Instructor (select Professor or Instructor and fill in their name):

I would appreciate it if you could send an e-mail to Lisa McLaughlin ( in Student Accounts & University Receivables verifying my attendance in your course. Please use the subject line "Verification of Attendance – GI Bill" in the e-mail and cc me at (provide your e-mail address). Below is the information Ms. McLaughlin needs to ensure I receive my GI Bill benefits.

Thank you,

(Fill in your name)

STUDENT NAME: (Fill in your name.)

STUDENT BANNER ID: Y00 (Fill in the remainder of your Banner ID #.)

CRN: (Fill in the course CRN # which can be found on your schedule.)

COURSE NAME: (Fill in the name of the course.)