Change Credits Hours

All current undergraduate and graduate students register for classes via the Penguin Portal. Review the instructions below to change total number of credit hours for a course(s) that has variable credit hours. You can contact the Penguin Service Center at (330) 941-6000 for registration assistance. For information on grading options, please visit the YSU Course Catalog

1. Log in to the Penguin Portal. Click on "Student Dashboard".

Find the Student Dashboard card

2. Under the Registration Heading, select "Register for Classes".

Find the link "Register for Classes"

3. Select "Register for Classes" tile.

Register for Classes

4. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu; continue by clicking the "Continue" button.

Select the term from the drop down menu

5. Go to the "Schedule and Options" tab.

Options tab

6. Find the course you wish to change the credits; under "Hours" click the hyperlink and a range box will appear. Type the number of credit hours you need within the range; click the green "Submit" button on the bottom right of the page to save your selection.

Note: The hyperlink is not available when using a phone.  You must use a computer or laptop to change course credit hours.  

Select Hyperlink to change

Warning: Consult with your academic advisor before making credit hour changes. This change may negatively impact your degree completion.