Program Management – The Center works to provide various programs for the benefit of the community and campus. These programs can be a stand-alone service, or a collaboration. The Center has worked with many school districts and organizations to provide afterschool programming, mentoring, housing redevelopment and more. Below are some of the current programs being offered by the Center.

Nita M. Lowey 21st CCLC Afterschool Programs – The Center has received funding to provide afterschool programs since 2006. These programs have focused on providing reading, math, youth development and family engagement enrichment to students and families in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties. The Center has developed and delivered afterschool programs to students spanning grades 1 – 12.

Unlocking the Hidden Game – The Unlocking the Hidden Game is a mentoring program focusing on identifying strengths, understanding the decision-making process, and setting goals to be successful in 9 focus areas of a student’s life.  Students are paired with a YSU Student Mentor to identify areas mentees would like to improve, while engaging in activities to help the student’s create action towards those goals.  Currently, the program focuses on students grades 8-11, but can be adapted to serve any age group middle school or above.

Program Development – The Center staff works to develop a variety of programming appropriate for various audiences. Programming is created in collaboration with the needs of the user in mind. From multi-module programming, to simple lessons, the program developed is user friendly and is easily deliverable.