General Policies


  • General Policies

    All policies listed here are applied to all areas of Campus Recreation unless otherwise noted below.

    It is in the best interest of our patrons and staff that patrons adhere to Campus Recreation policies to ensure safety and inclusion for all. Failure to comply with the below policies may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

    Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to stop behaviors deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

    Water only is permitted in closed plastic bottles with lids (no protein shakes, sports drinks, pop, fast food containers, etc., are permitted) once inside the turnstiles. No food is permitted inside the turnstiles.

    Glass containers are not permitted.

    The Department of Campus Recreation is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

    Coats, street clothing, backpacks, or equipment bags should be placed in lockers or cubbies around the building. Please lock valuables in a locker, locks can be checked out in equipment issue with an ID.

    Inquiries regarding lost items may be made at Equipment Issue (x-2246) and in the Administrative Office (x-2240). Items of value (wallets, phones, etc.) will be turned over to YSU Police immediately. Found YSU IDs will be returned to the YSU Penguin Crossing desk inside of Kilcawley Center within 24 hours.

    Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are prohibited in all facilities at all times.

    All nicotine sources, electronic cigarettes, and non-medical inhalers are not permitted in the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

    The use of profanity and vulgar language is prohibited.

    Harassment of other patrons and/or Campus Recreation staff is prohibited. Harassment of any sort is taken very seriously and disciplinary action will be taken.

    Only listening devices with headphones are allowed. Listening to personal listening devices without headphones is prohibited.

    If you experience an injury or find any broken equipment report this to Campus Rec staff immediately.

    Patrons are encouraged to consult a physician prior to beginning a new fitness program.

    Check the following sections for area-specific policies.

  • Guest Pass Policies

    All guest’s must be sponsored by a current Andrews Recreation and Wellness Center Member. Sponsors must provide a valid YSU ID and guests must provide a photo ID.

    Everyone must be at least 18 years old. A sponsor cannot have more than 2 guests at a time.

    Current YSU Faculty and Staff are able to sponsor themselves by showing their YSU ID.

    All guest passes are $10 and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Passes are valid for one (1) day and guests are not permitted to leave and re-enter with their pass.

    Sponsors are responsible for their guest(s) during the entire visit. Members may lose the right to sponsor future guests if they violate this policy.

    The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to suspend guest and member privileges and deny building access if department policies are not followed. This can be a temporary or permanent suspension depending on the severity of the action. Violators may also be referred to YSU Police and/or YSU Student Conduct for further disciplinary action

  • Dress/Attire 

       Closed-toe, rubber-soled athletic footwear (tennis shoes) are required – no boots, flip flops, sandals, open-toe, or “Croc” type shoes are permitted. Shoes must be worn at all times in the building, except during Yoga classes.

       Shirts must be worn at all times and must cover the pectoral region from both the front and the sides.

       Exceptions for religious reasons can be made.

       Check the area-specific Campus Rec policies for other guidelines that apply to those areas.

       Appropriateness of clothing will be held to the discretion of Campus Recreation Professional staff members.

       Exceptions for religious reasons can be made.

       Check the area-specific Campus Rec policies for other guidelines that apply to those areas.

  • Locker Rooms

    Lockers are available for daily, semester, and yearly use. Daily locks can be checked out at our Equipment Issue using a YSU ID. Semester and Yearly locks are available for purchase in our Administrative Office. Locks not purchased from Campus Rec and left on at the end of daily operations will be removed and contents not considered “valuable” will be kept by the staff in Equipment Issue for a semester and then donated.  

    It is highly recommended that patrons use a lock when storing personal belongings.

    Items of value (wallets, phones, etc.) found unattended will be turned over to YSU Police immediately.

    Video or photography is not allowed in the locker rooms, including video chat.

    Items should not be left unattended in the shower area. Items found in the shower area will be disposed of.

  • Other Department Policies

    Contact Youngstown State University Parking Services at 330-941-3546 for information about parking access options and to obtain designated student, faculty, and staff space areas.

    Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center staff-escorted tours are available upon request or may be scheduled in advance. Please contact the administrative office (330-941-2240) to schedule a tour for five or more people.

    Our department policy is the following: If the University is closed, we are closed. If the university is open but classes are canceled, we are open (provided that adequate staffing is possible). Please call (330) 941-3488 for the most updated information.

    Picture taking and/or videotaping is only permissible with written authorization from the Department of Campus Recreation administrative staff. Photographs may be taken of informal recreation and programs by the Department of Campus Recreation or YSU Marketing. These photographs are used for promotional purposes. If you prefer not to be photographed, please notify the photographer.

    Excessive public displays of affection are prohibited.

  • Strength & Conditioning Area

    Patrons under the age of 16 are not allowed access to the free weight area.

    All exercise equipment must be used according to manufacturers' designated guidelines.

    The use of chalk is prohibited.

    Clips and collars are required for all free bar lifts.

    Weights must be controlled at all times.

    Facility and equipment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Olympic lifts are permitted only in dedicated areas and are subject to staff supervision/department policy.

    Improper use of equipment is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, standing on equipment and benches, standing on weights, stacking weights under equipment, top loading, and stepping on weights.

    For your safety, the use of a spotter and equipment safeties are highly recommended. Campus Rec staff are trained to assist you if you need a spotter.

    Wiping down equipment after use is mandatory (please do not spray machines directly with cleaning solution). Return all equipment and weights to their proper place after use.

    Outside personal training and/or instruction is not allowed (only personal training and instruction provided by the Campus Recreation staff is permitted).

    The use of the “emergency off” clip is mandatory when using treadmills.

    Campus Recreation prohibits the use of smelling salts/ammonia caps.

    Body contact sparring of any sort is not allowed in the facility.

    Limit stretching and floor exercises to open areas throughout the facility.

    Loitering is prohibited.

  • Olympic Weight Lifting Area

    All Strength and Conditioning policies must be followed in conjunction with the specific Olympic weight lifting policies.

    Olympic lifting equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be mindful when other patrons are waiting.

    Only one patron is permitted on the platform at a time.

    Patrons must remain at least five feet away from Olympic lifting platforms if not actively Olympic lifting.

    Weights must be racked when not in use. Do not leave weights, plates, and bars on the floor/platforms or leaned against walls/other equipment.

    Weights must be controlled and proper bar-lowering procedures must be followed. Slamming down weights is strictly prohibited.

    Clips/locks must be used with all Olympic weight-lifting equipment.

    Olympic weight lifting equipment must remain in the designated Olympic lifting area.

    No other types of lifting are permitted in the Olympic lifting area.

    Use extreme caution when lifting weights to avoid potential injury to yourself/others.

    Chalk products are not prohibited.

    Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to ask patrons to discontinue any lifting if it violates any of the aforementioned policies or is a safety hazard to other patrons.

    Olympic weightlifting training resources are available upon request.

  • Fitness Studios & SPINNING Studio

    The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to adjust the schedule, class formats, and instructors when necessary. All patrons must sign in prior to the beginning of each class at the designated area.

    Please refer to the website, social media, or bulletin boards near the studios for class cancelations, schedule changes, and special events.

    Entrance to classes will start 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time and will close 10 minutes after class starts. Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Saving bikes or spots for others is prohibited. New class patrons are encouraged to show up 10 minutes early for proper bike setup.

    Patrons should remain outside the studio doors until everyone from the previous class has exited.

    Maximum enrollment for Group X and instructional classes is up to the instructor, and the number for SPINNING is dictated by the number of bikes. Once the maximum number of patrons has been reached, the class will be closed.

    The instructor has the authority to cancel or change a class format if fewer than three (3) patrons attend.

    For your safety and the safety of other members, please follow the instructor’s routine and keep conversation to a minimum.

    For patrons’ safety, leaving Group X, clinics, and SPINNING classes before the cool-down period is strongly discouraged.

    Appropriate athletic attire must be worn in all SPINNING, Group X & Instructional classes. Shoes must be worn during classes (with the exception of Yoga or Pilates); shoes specific to SPINNING are acceptable. Excessively baggy pants and long skirts are not permitted in SPINNING classes.

    Patrons of all classes are strongly encouraged to bring a towel and water bottle to class.

    Equipment provided in a class (body bars, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.) may not be taken out of the aerobics studio. Patrons are asked to return all equipment to its proper location at the end of each class.

    Only Campus Recreation staff members are permitted to use the stereos in the studios.

    Patrons must be 16 years or older to participate in any class.

  • Open Studio Hours

    During designated open studio hours, Campus Recreation patrons may use the Aerobics studio, functional training area, and equipment for individual workouts.

    All rules and policies listed for Andrews Student Recreation & Wellness Center, fitness studio, and functional training area will apply to open studio hours. Patrons may utilize the studio and equipment at their own risk.

    Cleaning equipment after use is mandatory.

    Equipment  (body bars, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.) may not be taken out of the aerobics studio. Return all equipment to its proper place after use.

    All exercise equipment, including but not limited to plyo boxes, TRX® straps, physio balls, medicine balls, and kettlebells must be used in an appropriate fashion to avoid misuse and unsafe training.

    Chalk products are not permitted.

    Patrons are asked to return all equipment to its proper location

    All structured activities and programs must be approved and offered through the Department of Campus Recreation.

    Music will not be provided for the space. Patrons are encouraged to use personal listening devices.

    Outside personal training and/or instruction is not allowed (only personal training and instruction provided by the Campus Recreation staff is permitted).

    Do not throw balls against metal framing or mirrors.  

    Handstand push-ups/holds on mirrors are not permitted.

  • Climbing Wall

    Climbing is inherently risky, climb at your own risk.  Helmets are available upon request.

    All staff members have the right to ask patrons to stop any action they deem unsafe or inappropriate.  The staff has the right to ask uncooperative patrons to leave.

    There is no food or drink aside from water allowed in the climbing area.

    Topping out while bouldering is not allowed. Climbing above the cave while bouldering is not allowed.

    Patrons cannot clip/unclip themselves from the autobelay.

    Do not place hands/fingers/feet on lead climbing bolts.

    Do not climb/stand under other climbers.

    No climber who is bleeding can continue to climb until the blood is cleaned and the wound is covered.

    Climbers are not permitted to wear jewelry or have items in their pockets.

    Cubbies are available for storage of personal items at the climbers' own risk.

    Locked lockers are the safest option. Accidents and broken spinning holds must be reported to staff immediately.

    When the wall is at capacity, there is a 15-minute limit per climber. Patrons can only belay if they obtain a belay card from certified employees. 

    Patrons must renew their belay card once a year. 

    Patrons can opt to test out of their belay card if certified at other gyms. 

    All others must go through a training period.

    Headphones are not permitted top roping; wireless headphones are permitted bouldering.

    No swinging from ropes.

    No horseplay on the mats.

    No patrons in the office or behind the desk except to use the hangboard.

    Patrons are not allowed to set top rope routes but can co-set bouldering routes with a staff member.

    Patrons using their own equipment must have it inspected and verified by staff.

    No bouldering with harnesses on.

  • Challenge Course

    There is risk associated with this activity, in order for us to do our best to keep you safe, you must abide by all rules including:

    Do not enter the course without being attached by an operator.

    Participants under the influence of drugs or alcohol are prohibited.

    Stand within the stanchioned area and not on the track No phones on the course.

    Anyone under 48” tall must have a chaperone.

    Must safely fit in a harness, no climbing harnesses.

    No running, jumping, horseplay, or swinging from leads.

    No flip-flops or open-toe shoes.

    No items in pockets, please secure glasses.

    One participant per obstacle at a time.

    Follow all operator rules, the operator reserves the right to ask you to leave the course.

    The sling line should stay in front of you at all times.

    Do not touch the overhead track or tamper with yours or other harnesses or sling lines.

    You should be in good health to participate. 

    If you suspect your health to be an issue or exacerbate a preexisting condition, please do not participate.

    People who are experiencing the following, should not enter the challenge course:

    • Pregnancy Back problems
    • Neck problems
    • Heart problems
    • Recent surgery/injury
    • Fresh stitches
  • Meditation Studio

    The meditation studio is not a study, sleep, or social lounge.

    Mutual respect is expected in this quiet space.

    Please do not leave personal belongings unattended.

  • Walk/Jog Track

    Athletic shoes are recommended.

    The track is intended for recreational purposes only.

    Please follow the designated walk and jog lanes. The direction of the track changes daily.

    No standing, loitering, and/or spectating allowed on the track.

  • Equipment Issue Policies 

    All students/members have the ability to check out equipment with a valid YSU ID.

    All equipment must be kept inside Andrews and returned before the building closes each day.

    All equipment must be returned by the original user that checked out the equipment.

    Patrons will be charged a fee for broken or non-returned equipment.

    Failure to follow the equipment issue procedures will result in a suspension from checking out the equipment

  • Racquetball Court Policies

    The use of protective eyewear is recommended.

    All metal racquets must have protective guards.

    Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Wellness Resource Center Policies

    All computers and resource materials are to be used for educational purposes.

    Downloading any computer programs to resource computers is prohibited.

    Ask a staff member if assistance is needed.