NCAA Initial Eligibility Update

NCAA Division I initial Eligibility
CURRENT (16 core)   EFFECTIVE FALL 2016 (current high school sophomore) 
 4 years English   Same # of core courses
  3 years Math 10 core courses must be completed prior to senior year  
2 years natural or  physical science    7 of 10 must include English, math and science 
1 additional from any 3 above  These 10 course grades cannot be replaced (repeated)  2 years social science
    4 additional core from  anywhere     
Eligibility Index
Current Effective 2016
3.55 400


3.55 580 49(13)
3.00 620 52(13) 3.00 800 66(17)
2.50 820 68(17) 2.50 1000 86(22)
200 1010 86(21)    NEW minimum   
      2.30 1080 93(24)
Qualifiers VS Academics Redshirts effective fall 2016
Qualifier: Academic Redshirt:
Achieves the new initial eligibility standards Achieves current eligibility standards 
Eligible for: Eligible for:
Athletic Aid Athletic Aid
Practice  Practice 


  • One core course may be completed in the year  after graduation (summer or academic year) 
  • Students with Diagnosed Education-Impacting  Disabilities may complete up to three core course after high school. 
  • College courses may be used as core if accepted  by the high school and are placed on the high school transcript 

Courses taught via Internet, distance learning independent study, and courses taught by similar means: 

  • Must meet requirements for a core course 
  • On-going access and regular interaction between instructor and student 
  • Evaluation of student’s work is conducted by academic authorities 
  • Defined time period for completion 
  • Course is available to any student and appears on transcript 


  • The credit recovery course must meet the NCAA legislated definition of a core course (non-traditional course requirements)
  • The credit recovery course must be comparable to the regular course in length, content and rigor. 
  • The credit recovery course should be clearly identified as such on the high school transcript. 


  • Effective September 1, 2012, the registration fee increased to $70 for U.S. 
  • EXCELLENT RESOURCE: NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete