Day of Instructions

Where do I go? We have reserved the M-30 Parking Deck (free of charge) for YSU Penguin Preview Day participants. Please use GPS Address: 453 Wick Ave. Youngstown OH 44502 for exact directions to the parking deck’s Wick Avenue entrance. Once parked, please make your way to the 4th floor of the deck and take the walking bridge over into the core of campus. From there, please follow the neon yellow "Visit Day Registration" signs to the WATTS. We will also have shuttles available the morning of the event to deliver participants from the parking deck to the WATTS. Shuttle pickup will be located at the McDonough Museum of Art from 7:45 - 9:15 AM. Simply walk out of the parking deck through the Wick Avenue entrance and make an immediate right at the sidewalk to reach the loading zone.

What will I do? We have several informative and entertaining activities planned for YSU Penguin Preview Day. You will be all over campus during your visit, at indoor and outdoor venues. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes! A copy of the agenda will be available soon on the Penguin Preview Day website!

YSU always seeks to accommodate all people with disabilities. If accommodations are required for this event, please call us at 330-941-2000 or toll free at 877-468-6978.

Thanks again for registering for YSU Penguin Preview Day – we can’t wait to meet you!