ADA Self-paced Training

Self-Paced ADA Training Via Blackboard


As you know, YSU must work toward ADA compliance. For full project details and the agreement the President signed with the US-Dept. Of Education – Office of Civil Rights see the ADA Compliance Website.

Thanks to the Department of Cyberlearning, we now have a self-paced instruction option available for your convenience in Blackboard. The self-paced instructions cover both PC users and MAC users.

If you choose to follow this option, you will need to self-enroll.

After logging into Blackboard:

  1. Click on Institution Page (side nav)
  2. Under the Blackboard Courses for Student Self Enrollment select Accessibility for Cyberlearning (i.e., Note: this will add course to your Courses page)
  3. Select Module 2: Making Content Accessible (side nav)
  4. Select from list of document types for specific instructions