As a student in the college, you will be able to take Honors courses, work with professors to create Honors credit opportunities in non-Honors courses and attend topical seminars for enriched learning. This earns you a special designation at commencement and on your diploma and final transcript—not to mention an advanced academic experience that becomes uniquely your own.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are offered in a variety of disciplines across campus, as well as through the Sokolov Honors College for special topics. These courses cover material in greater depth and encompass more complex concepts and analysis. You'll participate in dynamic discussions, incorporate the latest technology and have a greater responsibility to communicate, argue and produce ambitious papers or projects.

Course Information

Honors Contracts

Looking to earn Honors credit in a non-Honors class? You can contract a class to study material in greater depth than what's being covered.

This opportunity allows you to set your own level of learning. You'll work one-on-one with the professor to set the terms of the contract, discuss your learning and present a final extra paper, project or assignment. Honors students have found lifelong mentors and gained new experiences like assisting faculty with their research or reviewing textbooks by contracting classes.


Sokolov Honors College seminars give you the chance to dive into contemporary topics outside of your major. From personal finance to wine-making and everything between, seminars focus on interactive learning and discussion in a more casual setting than traditional classes and give you the chance to broaden your scope of learning with other Honors students.

Check out a video of our Tropical Ecology seminar in the Bahamas by Honors student Jenna DeLaurentis.

Honors Capstone

An honors capstone is required of all Sokolov Honors College members. The one-hour seminar allows students to reflect on the totality of their honors experience while preparing for their future.