The BaccMed program at YSU is a selective, accelerated program for students wishing to pursue a career in medicine.

What You'll Study

The YSU-BaccMed program is a premier program for premier students committed to primary health care, particularly for medically underserved populations. Students graduating from this program will have the scientific and mathematical foundations, medical training, and logistical and sociological tools to build a professional, scientific career providing state-of-the-art medical care to underserved populations as a primary care physician. Important features of this program include the following:

  • Default 3 + 4 timeline for completion, meaning 3 baccalaureate pre-med years at YSU, followed by 4 medical years at NEOMED. This timeline is intended to be flexible if conditions sufficiently merit on a case by case basis: it could expand to 4 + 4 for students seeking additional undergraduate or primary care preparation, e.g., in a related co-op or internship; or it could expand for students who enter YSU needing additional preparation and who succeed in meeting all YSU-BaccMed requirements. The admissions standards and pre-med curricula described below should result in most students in the program doing a 3 + 4 timeline, a compression of the usual 4 + 4 timeline.

  • Early evaluation for admission to the College of Medicine at NEOMED, typically by the end of the sophomore year for students doing a 3 + 4 timeline. While not a joint entry program in the sense of the current BS/MD program, YSU-BaccMed students will nonetheless receive early consideration for seats in the College of Medicine at NEOMED as compared to traditional 4 + 4 pre-med/med programs This determination will be made by the Admissions Committee of the College of Medicine from the pool of students presented by the YSU-BaccMed Program Committee; up to 35 qualified students each year will be conditionally offered a seat in the College of Medicine, with such seats becoming active upon completion of NEOMED promotion requirements.

  • Innovative primary care module at the baccalaureate level, which will transition as seamlessly as possible to newly developed rural community and urban community pathways in the College of Medicine at NEOMED. The primary care module at YSU will comprise a three semester course sequence: an introductory public health course in the College of Health & Human Services (HHS); a HHS public health course focusing on underserved populations, including rural communities and urban minorities; and a seminar course in the College of STEM taught by practicing physicians from rural and urban environments in the Youngstown-Warren SMA. These courses will be tweaked as needed to ensure smooth transition to the rural and urban medicine pathways at NEOMED; and they will be enhanced with off-campus service opportunities targeting medically underserved populations.

  • Recruitment of students from medically underserved populations for the YSU-BaccMed program, possibly in concert with outreach initiatives of NEOMED and YSU's Health & Human Services, such as Education for Service, HPAC, and the just awarded HRSA grant. It is known that medical students from rural communities are 16 times more likely to set up practice in a rural community, and each rural medical practice anchors 19 jobs, for significant community economic impact. Using recruitment tools and the latest OBOR school district typology, high potential students will be recruited from rural high poverty and urban high poverty school districts in Ohio and its neighboring contiguous states, with special focus on economically disadvantaged and FG students. Students from BaccMed B.S. pathways and other YSU students from a variety of majors will be encouraged to apply to the MD program at NEOMED during their second year at YSU. All YSU students granted provisional admission to the MD program will be served by the YSU-BaccMed team. Those students not originally sourcing from BaccMed B.S. pathways will be offered the opportunity to enter modified versions of those pathways.

  • Enhanced scholarship and funding opportunities for YSU-BaccMed students will include resources not traditionally available for the current BS/MD program: all YSU Foundation scholarships, including the University Scholar scholarship (not traditionally available for BS/MD students) and the newly created Honors College scholarships, as well as the President's scholarship, the Trustees' scholarship, the Red & White; the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program (not traditionally available for BS/MD students), and which answers to the Choose Ohio First scholarships available at NEOMED for medical campus students in primary care pathways; federal loan forgiveness for students who go into primary care practice; and many other funding opportunities.

To apply to this program, you must fill out this application and submit to:

Brett Kengor, M.S.Ed