Faculty & Staff

Jim Benedict, Ph.D., PT, Assistant Professor

Health Policy, Vulnerable Populations, Chronic Disease Management, & Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

Cara Carramusa, Ed.D., PT, Assistant Professor

research interests include population health and wellness in older adult populations, PT socialization, teaching and learning, PT/ clinical education, employability skills and PT curricular integration in bridging the gap between classroom and clinic.

Weiqing Ge, Ph.D., PT, Professor

Biomechanics, Manual therapy including complementary and integrative approaches, Cultural Competence, and Scholarship in teaching.

David Griswold, Ph.D., DPT, Associate Professor

Investigating the effects of dry needling on pain and disability for patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Manual therapy interventions for spine and headache related conditions. Concussive screening – application development. Examination and treatment for patients with post-concussive disorders.

John Hazy, Ph.D., Professor and Chair

Research interests are: the intersection of drugs, crime, and mental health, community health (violence reduction and neighborhood revitalization), and teaching (assessment and online strategies).

Nancy Landgraff, Ph.D., PT, Professor and Chair

Stroke interventions and outcomes, cognitive and physical assessment of patients with neurologic disorders, and interprofessional education and student/practitioner performance

Ken Learman, Ph.D., PT, Professor and Program Director

Effectiveness of musculoskeletal interventions, non-specific treatment effects, and the impact of community-based interventions

Rachael Pohle-Krauza, Ph.D., Professor

Obesity treatment and prevention and the role of nutrition in chronic disease

Richard Rogers, Ph.D., Professor

The analysis of crime rates, mental health and the CJ system, and historical sociology of religious movements and criminal justice organizations, primarily in the early 19th century U.S.