Advising Process

Advisement is required if you:

  • You are a freshman (with fewer than 30 hours of credit)
  • You are a Post-Secondary Enrollment Option/ Early Admission Option student
  • You are a Youngstown Early College student
  • You are on warning or probation
  • You are a first semester transfer student
  • You are a former student returning to the university
  • You are a varsity athlete

It is recommended that all students meet with their advisor at least once a year.


Reasons to see an advisor:

  • Review your curriculum
  • Review general education requirements, graduation requirements, policies and procedures
  • Seek referrals for assistance (For example: class permits, counseling, internships, etc.)
  • Ask questions, share problems and concerns


Bring the following with you:

  • The current Youngstown State University Undergraduate Bulletin (Catalog)
  • The current Schedule of Classes
  • Your Educational Planning Worksheet and Curriculum Sheet


What to expect from your academic advisor:

  • To assist you in exploring areas of study on your way to choosing a major
  • To encourage and support you in establishing your goals and helping you track your progress toward those goals
  • To provide a safe setting for you to share your thoughts, goals, and concerns
  • To listen to your questions, concerns, and confusions and provide resources and referrals as needed in order to facilitate your academic performance and enhance your college experience
  • To understand YSU policies and procedures, general education requirements, academic programs, and student services and effectively communicate those to you
  • To maintain confidentiality


What your academic advisor expects from you:

  • To accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • To research your areas of interest including YSU programs and degree requirements
  • To plan ahead. Schedule appointments early and have the courtesy to cancel or reschedule as necessary
  • To come prepared for your advising appointment with your questions and concerns
  • To follow up on referrals and inform your academic advisor of the outcome of the referrals
  • To use all available campus services as necessary (i.e. Math lab, Counseling Services, Career Services, Center for Student Progress)

Information included on this webpage is meant for guidance purposes. See the Undergraduate Bulletin for the most current university policies and procedures.