9/11 Memorial


On September 11, 2002, 95.9 KISS-FM joined the YSU family for the dedication of a 9/11 Memorial, including a campus core Flagpole and four areas commemorating the attacks on the Pentagon, the World Trade Centers, and the plane brought down by heroic passengers in Pennsylvania. The construction of the memorial was spearheaded by students Anthony Spano and Sara O'Brien, and was dedicated to the memory of YSU graduate Terry Lynch who was killed at the Pentagon. Lynch's widow Jackie was on hand, along with nearly 2,000 YSU students, faculty and members of the community.

The event served to commemorate and honor those who lost their lives in the tragedy on September 11, 2001. One of the main goals was to unite the population of YSU and bring the students, faculty, and staff and community together. This event contributed to the social awareness of the university community by igniting a spirit of remembrance and honoring those who lost their lives. By bringing a symbol of honor to YSU, we have increased the student's awareness of global issues.

This program started out as an idea shared between two students. It then evolved into a project that united both the Student Programming Board, Student Art Association, and the two students. By combining the strengths of these people, we have fostered the idea of the Memorial and are turning it into a reality.