Course Placement Requirements and Testing

Admission to the YSU CCP program is different than meeting course placement requirements. Placement into specific courses may require higher ACT/SAT sub-scores and/or placement testing and/or course prerequisites.

Course Placement Requirements

Some courses at YSU require higher scores on the ACT/SAT or YSU-administered placement tests. Visit the YSU Course Catalog for course descriptions and placement requirements.

Students who meet the State of Ohio College-Readiness Standards below will be able to enroll in MOST courses.

  • ALEKS Math Placement Test: 46
    • Note: All students who do not have a Math ACT score of 27 (or SAT Math score of 630) must take the ALEKS for placement into Math courses.
  • ACT scores*: English 18, Reading 22, Math 22 OR
  • SAT scores*: Writing/Reading 450, Math evidence-based score 530.

* YSU uses the student's highest test score in each section (regardless of test date).

Placement Tests

If you do not meet the course pre-requisite for the course you want to enroll in (including classes at the high school), you may choose to take the following placement tests/assessments:

  • English – YSU uses an in-house writing assessment called the Composition Placement Test.
    • You complete the test online. We do not accept any other English placement assessments.
  • Science – As a reminder, there is no college readiness benchmark for Science.
    • Some Science courses have course prerequisites, require you to be calculus ready, or have an ACT Math score of 27, to enroll. Please visit the YSU course catalog to view course requirements.
  • Math – YSU uses ALEKS – an online remediation and assessment program you can begin using at home. Read about what to expect with ALEKS on the Testing Center’s website.
    • If you have completed ALEKS at another college or university, YSU will accept an official proctored score report from that institution for placement at YSU. You or your school coordinator should request an official report be emailed to

The CCP office will notify you at your YSU email account which course placement tests you need to complete.