CCP Program Benefits

The top four benefits identified by past CCP students are:

  • Save Time – the more credits you earn now, the fewer you need to take after high school.
  • Save Money – the school district pays for tuition, fees, and books.
  • Transferability of Credits – the credits transfer within the University System of Ohio (USO). The Transfer to Degree- Guarantee (TAG courses) has equivalent courses at USO schools. Private and out-of-state schools may or may not accept the credit; you can contact the institution to discuss transferring your credits.
  • YSU Academic Resources – are available for you.

As a successful student, you will…

  • Gain a competitive edge. College admissions officers look for evidence of rigorous coursework on high school transcripts.
  • Enjoy more flexibility in college. Completing college requirements in middle/high school gives you greater flexibility as a full-time college student. Many students who complete college credits while in CCP find they can pursue second majors, study abroad opportunities, and more than one internship.
  • Learn college skills before your freshman year. The critical thinking, writing, and reading skills developed in CCP courses will prepare you for college success.
  • Demonstrate your learning just as you will in college. College courses assess your knowledge through examinations, papers, lab reports, speeches, etc. YSU courses administered through CCP will evaluate your learning in this manner too.
  • Reduce the overall cost of college. CCP tuition is at no cost to students under Option B and is significantly reduced under Option A. Additional savings can be realized when recognition of CCP credits allows you to graduate college early.

See what some of our previous students and parents say about their experience!

  • “I had the opportunity to take classes on campus during my senior year. It made my transition the following year that much easier. I already knew the campus, how to register for classes, meet with my advisor, etc.” – Student, Class of 2020
  • “The CCP program allowed me the opportunity to complete my general education and introductory major courses. Once I made the transition to YSU after high school, it opened up my schedule and allowed me to add a second minor.” – Student, Class of 2020
  • "Having college classes offered at the high school provided my child the opportunity to still earn college credit without worrying about how to get her to and from campus." ~Parent, 2020
  • "I was able to complete 21 hours in the program. It gave me more flexibility in scheduling my college classes my first year after high school graduation." ~Student, Class of 2019
  • "I have three children who participated in the program. Each completed at least 12 semester hours in the program. As a result, we have saved thousands of dollars in tuition!" ~Parent, 2019
  • "I was able to take two semesters worth of classes (24 hours) at my school; all of which applied to my general education and required core class requirements." ~Student, Class of 2019
  • "I started college with a full semester of classes under my belt. I am able to take less of an academic load each term, which has made my first year on campus an easy transition." ~Student, Class of 2018
  • "I was able to get my Math and Science requirements completed for college. I'm not into Math or Science; heading into a liberal arts major, it was great for me to complete those classes early so I can concentrate on my major." ~Student, Class of 2018
  • "I completed a semester worth of classes (17 hours) in the program. I was able to take advanced courses my first year on campus and get ahead in my major course of study." ~Student, Class of 2018