Eligibility and Admission

Are you eligible to participate in College Credit Plus and be admitted to YSU? 

Do you have ACT or SAT scores?
Yes No

Do you have an ACT Composite score of 17 or SAT combined score of 920, an unweighted cumulative HS GPA of 2.0 *, an unweighted, core HS GPA of 2.0*, AND at least one of the following sub-scores?

  • ACT English 18
  • ACT Math 22
  • ACT Reading 22
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading/Writing 480
  • SAT Math 530

The last test dates we accept ACT/SAT scores to be considered for eligibility and admission are

  • March SAT for Summer, Fall, Spring 
  • April ACT for Summer, Fall, Spring

If you have NOT taken the ACT or SAT you may take YSU’s CCP Eligibility Test. This is the only free CCP Eligibility Test offered by YSU.

Please call 330-941-2447 to sign up for the test. A CCP staff member will email you registration instructions. You will receive your scores the day you take the test. You are eligible to participate in CCP and can be admitted to YSU if you have: 

An unweighted cumulative HS GPA of 2.0*, an unweighted, core HS GPA of 2.0*, AND one of the following eligibility test scores: 

  • Writing 263
  • Reading 250
  • Math 263

The CCP Eligibility Test is available from October 1, 2021, through March 28, 2022.

*Your cumulative GPA calculates the grades for all of your classes. A core GPA is calculated using ONLY your grades in Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and any foreign language classes you have taken. If you do not have a C or better in your core classes, please contact our office, or discuss with your school counselor, before you apply.

Note: We do not round up for either GPA. We use middle school grades, and any classes that are taken for HS credit, to determine GPAs for middle school students.


If you are not able to answer yes to any of the options above, you are not eligible for College Credit Plus.