I am in the program this year. Do I reapply for next?

A CCP student who has completed or is currently enrolled in one or more YSU courses does not need to reapply to our program each year. Rather, you will complete the Continuing Student Form below.

You must submit your Letter of Intent to your school (or the state if you are a non-public or home-school student) by April 1, 2024. Please see your CCP coordinator (list by county) if you have any questions.

To maintain your eligibility to participate in the YSU CCP program, please submit the following to our office by

  • March 1, 2024, is for all public, non-public, and home-school students planning to enroll in the summer semester.
  • March 25, 2024, for all non-public and home-school students.
    • Our office will provide non-public and home school students with a letter of continued enrollment to apply for funding. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a letter in time to apply for funding if we do not receive your continuing student form by March 25, 2024.
  • April 15, 2024, is for public school students planning to enroll in the fall and/or spring semester(s).

Continuing student documents to submit:

  1. YSU CCP Continuing Student Form (see below). Please check with your school CCP Coordinator to see if a YSU CCP Application Day is scheduled at your HS before you complete the form. 
  2. Parent Consent/Financial Responsibility Form
  3. Updated ACT or SAT scores (if any). Has your HS GPA changed? Send an updated transcript.
  4. Campus Education Plan - Submitted for students only taking campus and online courses.

As a continuing CCP student, you are required to meet with an advisor. You may also need to complete placement testing. The CCP office will contact you through your YSU email account with this information.

The 2024-2025 Continuing Student Form is now open.

Information you will need to have:

  1. Your Penguin Portal username (it's the first part of your email before the @ and found on your YSU student ID)
  2. Your Penguin Portal password - can't remember your password? Reset it here.
  3. Your high school CCP course schedule if you plan to take classes at the high school.

Please make sure you can log into your Penguin Portal account before attempting to complete the Continuing Student Form. Please contact the YSU IT Service Desk at 330-941-1595 if you cannot log on. They will verify your identity and help you reset your account information.

Ready to begin?