Responsibilities of Mini-Grant Recipients

Responsibilities of Mini-Grant Responsibilities


Presentation of findings

Faculty and staff who receive a mini-grant will be expected to provide a poster presentation at the annual Appreciation Ceremony held in April 2020 or 2021[i].  Guidelines will be provided in advance and costs of the poster display will be funded by the Office of Assessment.

The poster will need to document the status of the mini-grant project and its impact on student/faculty/staff learning.  In addition, the poster must clearly document how this project was designed to promote or create sustained meaningful assessment processes in your unit, college, department, or program.

Mini-Grant Purchasing and Reimbursement Procedures

Generally, purchases related to the mini-grant are made by the grant recipient through their department and then reimbursement is requested through the Office of Assessment (OOA).  If other arrangements are needed, please call to consult with our office.

Steps for Reimbursement

  1. Make the purchase for the awarded item(s) through your department’s usual purchasing procedures. Purchases should be made through eCube or with a university PCard; if this is not possible please contact OOA for instructions, as purchases made with personal funds are more difficult to reimburse.
  2. Purchases should be made through the same FOAP to which you would like the funds transferred. Please make purchases through the university general fund (111000) unless previously approved through OOA.
  3. Send an itemized list of expenses, receipt of purchase, and the FOAP to which you would like the funds deposited toHillary Fuhrman at
  4. OOA will initiate transfer within one week.
  5. If you are making several purchases in a short time span, you may save and submit several purchases for reimbursement at once. However, please submit requests within one month of purchase.
  6. Please make all grant purchases and submit requests for reimbursement to OOA by May 15th, 2020. Purchases and reimbursement requests must be approved by OOA if they are past this date in order to be guaranteed reimbursement.
  7. Save copies of all receipts for your expenses in your own department and in your own records.

Additional Purchasing Guidance

Student employees: If the funds are used to employ students, then you must budget for fringes as well as salaries. Be sure to contact The Office of Student Life or the Office of Graduate Studies and guarantee, in advance and before hiring a student, that you will follow all the appropriate guidelines for student employment (graduate or undergraduate).  The Office of Assessment cannot complete the papers for student employee(s) of your project. As the mini-grant recipient, you must abide by the guidelines for hiring a student, and complete all the necessary paperwork before, during, and after the student is employed. Copies of these papers will be maintained by you and your department/program in case of any current or future audit.  Student employment guidelines are available on the Student Success website under “Student Employment."

Incentives: The University is tightening guidelines regarding providing student incentives. It is recommended that projects that include student incentives avoid those with monetary value (e.g. gift cards). Alternative incentives such as promotional items provide for smoother project management. If part of your grant request includes student incentives but,note that incentives are subject to the Business Related and Entertainment (BRE) Expense Guidelines and approval must be secured through the Controller’s Office. An exception form will need to be completed and approved, and that appropriate procedures for the distribution of incentives must be followed. BRE guidelines and forms are available on the YSU Procurement Forms webpage.

Travel: If your approved grant includes travel for faculty, staff, or students for presentation of findings from the mini-grant project to a national conference or for professional development of faculty and staff who need to attend an assessment or teaching/learning conference in their discipline, be sure to follow appropriate procedures including completing a travel request in Concur.  Also, you must complete all the necessary paperwork, obtain approval for travel reimbursement, save all receipts, complete the travel expense report for appropriate reimbursement, and submit these travel requests in a timely manner (in advance of the trip) for insurance purposes.  Guidelines for student travel will need to be abided by, so be sure to check these guidelines in advance of the trip, abide by these guidelines, and then complete the necessary paperwork.  When submitting travel requests please indicate that travel is funded through the Office of Assessment Mini-Grant Award (however, in Concur it is considered non-grant travel). Visit the YSU Procurement Forms webpage for more information.

[i]There is a concurrent best practices poster competition at the Appreciation Ceremony; mini-grant award posters would not be eligible for the competition cash prize.