Why join the Honors College?

Imagine your premium college experience.

You receive a scholarship to take classes that are as rigorous as they are rewarding and you get to register early for them every semester.

You live with your best friends on campus, where you have 24/7 access to resources designed just for you.

You travel the world to gain perspective and give back to your community through meaningful service projects.

And you graduate with an Honors degree that proves you're among the best and brightest.

These aren't privileges exclusive to Ivy Leaguers. They're waiting for you, here, at YSU's Honors College.

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Honors Programs

  • Baccalaureate Program

    This is the program route most Honors students take within the college. You'll enroll in Honors courses, participate in service and engagement requirements, and publish your own undergraduate thesis or capstone project at the undergraduate level.

    Program Requirements

  • Associate Program

    If you haven't completed the required prerequisites of the baccalaureate program, you may still be admitted into the Honors Associate Program. You'll need to take at least one course each semester to match the prerequisites until the deficiencies have been managed.

    Program Requirements

  • Individualized Program

    This is available for high–achieving students who wish to change the curriculum requirements for either the bachelor's or associate program.

    To do this, you'll need to prepare a full proposal explaining your reasons and the exact course format you plan to complete.

    Program Requirements