National Scholarships

What are national and international scholarships?

National and international scholarships are competitive, prestigious awards that provide support for a wide range of academic experiences, such as study abroad, graduate study (or sometimes undergraduate study), teaching, research, and public service.

You may have heard of some national scholarships, such as the Rhodes and Fulbright awards. However, a wide range of national and international scholarship programs exist for students of various majors and year in school.

Applying for a national scholarship is a journey which requires several steps, such as requesting recommendation letters, that cannot be rushed. Since this page features information on national and international awards which require a university endorsement, there may be additional internal deadlines. Be sure to inquire early and allow plenty of time to complete all steps of the application process. 

Getting started

  1. Is applying for a national or international scholarship for you?
    If you are considering graduate school or study abroad, applying to a national or international scholarship may be for you. Check out the list of scholarships to get an idea of what may be available to you.
  2. What do I do before beginning the application?
    Before filling out anything, it is important to read the application materials to determine if the award is a good fit for you. You should also gain an overview of the components of the application and ensure that you fully understand the opportunity to which you might apply. 
  3. How do I get additional information?
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