Student Cost: Option A vs Option B

Tuition: Option A vs Option B

Tuition for courses in the CCP program is equivalent to the State default rates (see Textbooks and Materials for additional information):

For the 2018-2019 school year (beginning summer 2018 term):

  • $41.64 per credit hour for courses offered in the high school, taught by a qualified high school instructor;
  • $83.28 per credit hour for courses taught on the high school campus by a YSU faculty member;
  • $166.55 per credit hour for courses taught on the YSU campus or online.

These costs are inclusive of lab, technology, and general fees. There is no student application fee for the program.

Rates for the 2019-2020 school year (beginning summer 2019 term) will not be released until the state budget bill is passed, sometime in June 2019.

Under Option A, you (the student) pay for tuition, books, and materials. You can elect whether to receive only college credit, or high school and college credit for the course. If you choose only college credit, the grade for the course is not factored into your high school grade point average. The University will bill you for tuition and you are expected to pay the amount due by the due date.

Under Option B, you receive both high school credit and college credit. Under option B, state funds from the high school pays the tuition for up to 30 credits per year (120 lifetime maximum). The high school pays for textbooks and Youngstown State University waives course fees. If you take more than 30 credits in a year, the additional courses fall under option A. If you are a non-public, or home school, student who is not funded in part, or at all, the additional courses fall under option A (see Non-Public and Home School Student Funding for more information).

The University invoices the state for tuition each semester. The invoice is generated after the last day of the full refund period (14thcalendar day of the semester). The state sends the invoice to the school district for review. Upon approval, money from the school’s general fund is sent to YSU as payment.

Please note: Courses are not split between payment options. If a course causes the student to exceed the 30 hour limit per year, or non-public/home school funding awarded, then the entire course (and books) falls under Option A.

Regardless of the option, YSU does not issue refunds. School districts may have financial policies regarding students that withdraw after no-refund dates or fail a course.

*Please refer to the YSU CCP Calendar (located under Helpful Resources on the CCP home page) for withdrawal dates.


Please note the "College Credit Plus" legislation for Ohio does not govern dual enrollment for out-of-state students. Please contact your school counselor to discuss how the credit earned may apply to your high school transcript.

You are responsible for the cost of tuition and must select Option A (see above) for your payment method.

If you live in Western PA, YSU will add the Affordable Tuition Advantage (ATA) Surcharge to your tuition for those who qualify. Please visit the University Bursar/Student Accounts website and view the Tuition and Fees Schedule for the current ATA Surcharge. For Fall 2017 it is $15 per credit hour. It may change from year to year.

For all other Pennsylvania and out-of-state students, the out-of-state surcharge does apply. Please visit the University Bursar/Student Accounts website and view the Tuition and Fees Schedule for more information. It may change from year to year.