Non-Public and Home School Student Funding

Non-public and home school students/families are encouraged to review the state's College Credit Plus websites for additional information and deadlines regarding funding. You may elect to pay for courses under Option A if you did not receive enough state funding.

Below is a summary of the state's rules (3333.1-65.8) regarding non-public and home school students:

For the purposes of participation in College Credit Plus:

  1. An "allocation unit" is no more than 4 credit hours;
  2. A "non-public school student" means a student attending a non-public, or a non-chartered non-public, secondary school or a student who is excused from the compulsory attendance law for the purpose of home instruction;
  3. Students in grades seven through twelve may participate upon award of state funding;
  4. Each non-public student must submit a completed funding application (located on the state website) to the Ohio Department of Education by the specified deadline on the form. Please note: there is only one funding application period for the entire academic year.
  5. Funding is awarded as follows:
    • All students who submit a completed funding application will receive one allocation unit;
      • Should there not be enough funds to award all applicants one allocation unit, a lottery will determine who receives funding;
    • Provided funding is still available, additional awards will be made in this order:
      • Grade twelve: two allocation units;
      • Grade eleven: one allocation unit;
      • Grades 10, 9, 8 then 7: one allocation unit until there are not enough funds to award all applicants in a grade level with one additional unit.