Tuition, Fees & Charges

Tuition and fees are assessed based on the number of credit hours of enrollment, residency, course and/or program. The Board of Trustees of Youngstown State University has pledged to make every effort to keep the required fees as low as is consistent with providing quality education. It is intended that fees not be adjusted more often than annually and that fee changes be announced in the spring or early summer. The Board of Trustees does, however, reserve the right to change any fee, charge, or fine without notice if conditions warrant.
The YSU Penguin Tuition Promise is a cohort-based, level-rate tuition, room and board and fee guarantee model that assures a student and his/her family a set of fixed rates for the pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Youngstown State University. The Penguin Tuition Promise is designed to make the cost of college predictable and affordable, and encourages students to complete degree programs within four consecutive academic years. Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year, every new first-year, transfer or re-admitted degree-seeking undergraduate student will be part of the Penguin Tuition Promise. For additional information visit the YSU Penguin Tuition Promise page.
Students who are not first-year, transfer or re-admitted degree-seeking undergraduates are considered Non-Tuition Promise undergraduate students and should use the appropriate rate schedules for tuition charges and fees.

2024-2025 Tuition, Fees, and Charges