• Request a Position Audit and/or In-Grade Adjustment



    1.  Complete the Position Audit/In-Grade Adjustment Questionnaire; be specific in all sections of the form. Please note that the in-grade adjustment option applies only to APAS bargaining unit members. Classified civil service employees, be advised that a classification specification cannot be substituted for a list of current job duties. Sign the questionnaire on the last page; your signature certifies that the information contained in the questionnaire is complete and true to the best of your knowledge.
    2.  Attach materials or samples to assist in the determination of the proper classification.
    3.  Submit all completed audit materials to the Office of Human Resources at hr@ysu.edu; written confirmation indicating receipt of the materials will be sent to you. The Office of Human Resources forwards the information you submit to your immediate supervisor and/or department head for notification, review, and input.


    Audit Process:

    The Office of Human Resources utilizes information received from you and your immediate supervisor and/or department head to develop an updated position description. Once the position description is finalized, a report and analysis will be circulated for approvals. You will be notified, in writing, of the findings of the audit process within the number of days specified by your bargaining unit agreement.



    Classified Staff: If you disagree with the findings of the audit, an appeal may be filed within 30 days of the notification by following the instructions provided by the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR) on their website.

    APAS: If you disagree with the findings of the audit, an appeal may be filed by completing the APAS Audit Appeal Form (request from Brandi Osborn at bosborn@ysu.edu) and submitting it to the Office of Human Resources within 30 days of the date of notification of the results of the audit.

    If you have any questions regarding the position audit process, contact Brandi Osborn at extension 7133.

  • Request a Position Change

    This form is to be completed by Director-level supervisors and above.



    1.  Complete the Position Change form below.  
    2.  Answer all questions contained in the request form; be specific in all sections. Please ensure that your chain of command has approved the request prior to submission.
    3.  Upload all relevant materials listed below. Confirmation indicating receipt of those materials will be sent to you and your chain of command.
    4.  Organizational Development (OD) reviews the request and obtains approval from the division signature authority to move forward with work on the request.
    5.  OD reviews the title change, proposed salary, pay grade assignment, finalizes the position description, writes the report and analysis, and creates a compensation comparable document (if applicable).
    6.  The report and analysis is routed for approvals.

    Please do not discuss specific salary information and/or figures with the employee until the finalized report and analysis has been approved.


    Upload the following documents:

    • Current organization chart and a new organization chart to help illustrate the proposed changes. 
    • New and/or updated position descriptions.  Utilize the “Create a New Position Template*” or provide a red-lined copy of the updates to a position(s).  Organizational Development will evaluate the proposed position descriptions in accordance with internal compensation guidelines to determine if the position(s) require posting.
    • Utilize the “Position Change Spreadsheet Template*”  to indicate all employees that are affected by this change and include all requested information.  Please ensure that you complete both the Position Changes tab and the Supervisor Changes tab within the spreadsheet.
    • Review the Board approved resolution "TAKING CHARGE OF OUR FUTURE*" in order to provide an explanation of how your request supports the strategic plan.

    Click here to access the Position Change Form

  • YSU Classification Plan

    The University shall establish, modify or repeal, by rule, a job classification plan for all positions, offices and employments in the classified civil service. The University shall assign a classification title and pay range to each classification within the classification plan. The University shall assign a numbering system for the classification process. Classification titles are assigned to each classification within the classification plan. The University shall describe the duties and responsibilities of the class, establish the qualifications for being employed in each position in the class, and file with the state a copy of specifications for all of the classifications. The University shall file new, additional, or revised specifications with the state. The following are the classifications that the University shall assign all positions within the classified service.

    List of Classification Specifications