Music Majors

You know your calling is music. Now it's just a matter of which music major will take you there. Lucky for you, the renowned and historic Dana School of Music offers six for your choosing.

What You'll Study

From performance to theory to recording technology and more, our Music majors offer quality educational programs in a wide variety of topics so that you can find a perfect fit to pursue your passion for the art.

The faculty and staff in the Dana School of Music are dedicated to your musical growth. As a freshman, you will take an exam to test your skills in musicianship. Your private lessons, ensembles and courses in music history and other topics will help you build a well-rounded education within a university setting.

Master of Music available for this major. 


The Dana School of Music offers the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees within the following majors:


  • Music Minor

    Designed to help you further study an instrument or voice, the Music minor is set up to offer coursework related to your interests.

    Upon successful completion of an audition, you'll be enrolled in the 18-credit hour minor. Adding a music component to your degree will allow you to explore creative options for employment when you graduate.

    Courses are set up to give you the opportunity to personalize your minor. You'll start out with musicianship and lab theory classes, then move on to choose 14 credit hours of classes that fit your interest. Areas to choose from range from jazz, rock 'n' roll and popular music.

    Course Listing

Internships and Jobs


  • "Pershing's Own" The United States Army Band
  • "The President's Own" United States Marine Band
  • Opera Western Reserve
  • Rising Sun Entertainment and Productions
  • Metropolitan Opera
  • Red Wanting Blue
  • Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame
  • Cleveland International Piano Competition
  • Northwestern University
  • Eastman School of Music
  • University of Florida
  • University of Illinois
  • Ithaca College
  • Carnegie Mellon University