Dana School of Music Venues & Facilities

Outstanding Venues, Facilities, and Resources Enhance Academic + Artistic Growth

The Dana School of Music (DSM) is located in Bliss Hall, home of the Cliffe College of Creative Arts and the performing arts complex that houses DSM. The School's facilities and resources encompass the 248-seat Bliss Recital Hall that is equipped with a Schlicker organ, large and chamber ensemble rehearsal spaces, and a state-of-the-art recording studio, and more than 140 studios, classrooms, practice rooms, and keyboard and computer laboratories. 

As a student at Dana, you'll perform in a variety of exquisite and historic spaces, ranging from a 300-seat hall to a more than 2,300-seat performance venue for large-scale productions, including The Butler Institute of American Art, the DeYor Performing Arts Center, and Stambaugh Auditorium. Whether you’re rehearsing, practicing, studying, or performing, our venues, facilities, and resources will augment your activities. 

Performance Venues

Youngstown and the surrounding communities are home to performance spaces that are acoustically superb and visually stunning. As a student in the Dana School of Music, you’ll have opportunities to perform in all of them. 

DeYor Performing Arts Center 

Located in downtown Youngstown only minutes from YSU’s campus, the DeYor Performing Arts Center’s two main performance halls–Edward W. Powers Auditorium and the Ford Family Recital Hall–are ideally suited for large ensemble performances and intimate recitals, respectively. 

Edwards W. Powers Auditorium

Edward W. Powers Auditorium opened in 1931 as the Warner Theatre and was built in honor of the late Sam Warner, one of the Warner Brothers. Powers Auditorium is a 2300-seat theater with a stage equipped to host large-scale performances, and the Dana School of Music Orchestra, Youngstown State University Youth Orchestra, and other large ensembles perform in Powers. 


Ford Family Recital Hall

The Ford Family Recital Hall seats 600 guests. The Dana Ensemble concerts and various other faculty and student recitals are frequently held here. 


The Butler Institute of American Art

Founded in 1919 by Joseph G. Butler, Jr., The Butler Institute of American Art was the first structure built to house a collection of strictly American works. The Butler hosts the School’s Music at Noon Series, weekly concerts that run throughout the academic year and feature Dana School of Music faculty, students, and visiting artists. 


Stambaugh Auditorium

Located minutes from YSU’s campus, the Concert Hall at Stambaugh Auditorium which has a seating capacity of 2,553. Stambaugh Auditorium is home to the School’s perennial favorite Carols and Cocoa and Winter Holiday Concert and other large-scale performances. 

Stambaugh Cropped.png

John J. McDonough Museum of Art

Found in 1991, the John J. McDonough Museum of Art, is the University Art Museum for Youngstown State University and the Valley’s Premier Center for Contemporary Art. The McDonough hosts a number of Dana events annually.


Bliss Recital Hall

Located on the first floor of Bliss Hall, Bliss Recital Hall, a 248-seat venue that is equipped with a Schlicker organ, is a versatile space where diverse events are held, including faculty and student recitals, choral concerts, guest artist masterclasses, and community activities.

bliss recital hall image.png

YSU Ford Theater, Bliss Hall

YSU Ford Theater, a 400-seat proscenium theater located on the first level of Bliss Hall, hosts music performances, major University Theatre productions, dance recitals and ensembles, and public speakers.

ford theatre.png

Spotlight Theater, Bliss Hall

YSU’s Spotlight Arena Theater is a flexible capacity theater. Located on the first level of Bliss Hall, Spotlight serves as an experimental space for University Theatre and also houses smaller-scale productions. Various music ensembles, including Percussion Studio and Jazz Combos, routinely perform in Spotlight.


Public and Support Spaces

YSU Ford Theater Lobby

The YSU Ford Theatre Lobby in Bliss Hall is not only beautiful—it is a great space to gather. The spacious Lobby provides access to multiple theaters and venues, including the YSU Ford Theater, Spotlight Theater, and Bliss Recital Hall.  The Box Office is easily accessible, and there is plenty of room for audiences to gather in the welcoming atmosphere. YSU Ford Theater performers have a Green Room in the back-stage area with convenient access to the lobby.

ysu ford theatre lobby.png

Box Office

The Box Office is conveniently located adjacent to YSU Ford Theater Lobby. Patrons may purchase tickets in-person, by phone @ 330-941-3105, or online @ ysu.tix.com