The teacher stays up to date on YSU teaching/classroom policies.

The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) strives to be a hub for information related to teaching at YSU. While some policies are constantly evolving others stay consistent. ITL maintains regular updates to the YSU Common Syllabus, particularly the University Policies page to ensure that you and your students are getting accurate and timely classroom policy information.

There are some other places where you may come across academic policies updates:

  • Human Resources: Review the full set of Board of Trustees University approved policies.
  • Course Catalog: Annually updated Academic Policies for students, including excused absences, grading, and withdrawal policies.  
  • YSU-Ohio Education Association Agreement: Article 27 of the YSU-OEA agreement includes information about Teaching Rights and Responsibilities for full-time faculty, including course, textbook, and office hour requirements.  
  • Academic Senate Website: Review meeting minutes and recordings from Academic Senate Meetings.

In addition to university-wide policies, your college and/or department may have additional teaching-related policies. It is best to check in with your Department Chair for these specific policies.

Prioritizing Emails in Outlook: When University Policies are changed, emails are sent to inform stakeholders. However, a lot of people feel overloaded by email frequency, and it is easy to miss critical pieces of information. A strategy for ensuring you don’t miss critical emails is setting up “Rules” in Outlook to organize your Inbox. Check out this video tutorial on how to create a rule in Outlook 365.