The teacher offers a clear and organized course structure.

We encourage you to use the YSU Common Syllabus. To ensure that you include all university-required elements and policies, the easiest method is to utilize the YSU Common Syllabus templates. In addition, by using the link to student support services and university policies, you ensure that students are always provided with the latest policies and office contact information. Some colleges and departments have additional syllabus requirements, so be sure to check with your Chair for those. 

Check that your syllabus is clear and understandable to the outside reader. It can be helpful to have an outside person review your syllabus and point out any areas that could use clarification. You can ask a peer to review, use a syllabus checklist (e.g., Checklist for a Learner-Centered Syllabus or Kevin Gannon’s Syllabus from a Student Perspective Checklist), or schedule a consultation with ITL to do a syllabus review.

Here are some easy ways to be clear and organized:

  1. Use a course calendar that lists readings, assignments, and activities by day.
  2. Regularly refer to the course calendar
  3. Link all activities to course learning outcomes
  4. Clearly preview and review past and future course content
  5. Use weekly announcements as previews

For more information on designing a clear and organized course structure, learn about the Backward Design Model.