About our Facilities

The Dana School of Music is housed within Bliss Hall. Practice rooms, studios and labs are available for students to use. Not only are there facilities on campus, but off campus as well.

Bliss Hall

  1. There are 80 acoustically controlled practice rooms, 30 faculty studios, 8 classrooms, rehearsal rooms and a recital hall with a seating capacity of 237. There is also an extensive library of band, choral and orchestral music representing musical periods from the Renaissance to the present.
  2. We have the honor of being an All-Steinway School. 68 new Steinway pianos made us the first public university in Ohio to be designated an All-Steinway School. The pianos are placed in classrooms, practice rooms and faculty studios throughout Bliss.
  3. The Dana Electronic Music Laboratory also has sophisticated systems offering you the opportunity to experience applications like hard-disk recording, sampling, digital editing and advanced sequencing. A complete analog music synthesis offers students fundamental experiences in analog electronic music techniques and composition.

Large Ensemble Facilities

  1. Stambaugh Auditorium is one of two off-campus sites for large ensembles to perform. This historic auditorium is located just a few blocks up the street from YSU's campus.

Music at Noon

This showcase allows you to perform pieces in the beautiful Butler Institute of American Art located across the street from Bliss Hall, on YSU's campus.