The College of Health and Human Services has both professional academic advisors as well as faculty advisors.  Students who have completed between 30 and 59 credit hours will see a professional academic advisor located in Cushwa Hall – Room 2104. A visit with your advisor is required each semester before you are allowed to register for classes.   

These professional advisors help guide you and keep you on track by ensuring you are taking the correct courses for your major.  When you have completed 60 credit hours, you will be introduced to your Faculty Advisor who will then become an integral part of your advisement and mentoring through graduation. 

If you are coming to our college after your first year at YSU, welcome.  Please click on the link below for Academic Advising to see who your advisor will be.  We encourage you to reach out to them and introduce yourself.  Our goal is to make your transition to our advising team a smooth process. 

Students who must meet with an advisor:

  • Freshmen and sophmores (0-59 semester hours complete)
  • Students on academic warning or probation 

  • Student Athletes 

  • Transfer students through the completion of their first semester 

  • High School student taking college coursework (SB140/EAOP) 

Professional Academic Advising

Students who have completed 30 - 59 credit hours

Continuing CCP Students

Students who have requested a Senior Evaluation

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Faculty Advising

Students who have completed 60 or more credit hours in an HHS Major

Request a Senior Evaluation

Does not apply to students in Nursing (BSN or ADN), Dental Hygiene, or Respiratory Care.

Note: Students in the RN to BSN or the Respiratory Care Completion Program are required to complete this.