Exhibition Venues & Facilities

Opportunities for exhibition 

Our elegant spaces provide versatile galleries in which you’ll display your innovations, experimentations, and expressions through exhibitions and events. Our extensive state-of-the-art facilities are where you’ll engage in creative discovery and the making of dynamic visual cultures and where you’ll ultimately create the pieces for your exhibitions. 

McDonough Museum of Art 

The John J. McDonough Museum of Art is a vital cultural resource for our region—offering a range of dynamic programs that include exhibitions, installations, performances, and lectures that invite campus and community members to discover and explore meaning in contemporary art. We work together with faculty and students from the Department of Art and the Dana School of Music to develop exhibitions and programs that enhance the mission of each area. 


Judith Rae Solomon Gallery

Martin Solomon, a principal officer with P&S Equities, is a long-standing corporate benefactor to YSU. Martin and Susan Solomon also have donated two prominent works of art—a painting and an outdoor sculpture—to the YSU College of Creative Arts. Judith Rae Solomon, a native of Youngstown, is a prominent architect and art enthusiast.

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Student Project Gallery 

The Student Project Gallery provides students with an opportunity to showcase their work. This space is used for a wide variety of mediums, allowing students to exhibit a range of traditional or experimental bodies of work. 

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Our state-of-the-art facilities include over 70,000 square feet of dedicated studio and exhibition space for students to develop their craft. The clean and well-equipped studio facilities offer a broad range of high-quality equipment that includes traditional to emerging technologies. Digital technology includes several digital labs with industry-standard Macintosh computers utilizing software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, Rhinoceros 3D, open-source creative coding platforms) and hardware (e.g., 3D digital printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, large format photographic printers, scanners). Traditional facilities and equipment include a welding fabrication area, a woodshop, a range of printing presses, photo/digital-based printmaking equipment, ceramic potter’s wheels, kilns, an analog darkroom, medium and large format cameras, studio lighting, and portable backdrops. 


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Photo Facilities
Painting Facilities
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