About Us

The Resch Academic Success Center is staffed by peer tutors who have successfully completed the courses they tutor and are committed to helping you in the learning process. We currently have tutoring available for over 200+ courses that cover a wide range of disciplines. Click here to view our current course offerings

  • Schedule Tutoring

    Students wishing to meet with a tutor can schedule an appointment at any time and are encouraged to sign-up early as tutoring availability may become limited throughout the semester. For more information about tutoring availability and appointment scheduling, please review our Student FAQs. 


  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

    Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are a student-facilitated academic support program designed to help you improve your academic performance and retention in specific courses. Click here to view our current PASS course offerings. 

    What makes PASS unique is our collaboration with faculty members to provide support in high demand courses. Faculty are involved in the recruitment process and select a team of peer tutors who have successfully completed the course with the same professor. The team of tutors meet weekly with the professor throughout the semester to discuss the course content and additional strategies to reinforce the information you are currently learning.  

    During PASS students will work with a team tutor and their classmates in a group setting to review course content, work on practice problems, and discuss ways to enhance their learning and study skills. The sessions are free, voluntary, and open to students that are enrolled in these courses. Students wishing to participate can log-on to tutortrac.ysu.edu to view the session times and schedule appointments for those that work best with their class schedule.

  • Exam Review Sessions

    Stressing out over final exams? The ASC has you covered! During the last week of classes our peer tutors will offer exam review sessions in high demand courses. Click here to view the Review Session Schedule. 

    The tutors leading the sessions will develop practice materials, assist with questions, and recommend study strategies so that you are ready to ace your exams!   

  • Additional Tutoring Resources


    The ASC has partnered with Tutor.com to provide free drop-in tutoring support outside of our normal operating hours (7pm-8am on weekdays and all day on the weekends). No appointment is necessary!  

    Tutor.com™ connects you with expert online tutors who can help you with your course material. View Tutor.com course offerings

    You’ll also have access to educational tools and study resources such as diagnostic quizzes, instructional videos, and more. 

    Visit your course Blackboard page for more information on Tutor.com.

    Tutor Matching Service  

    Do you need tutoring in a course that isn’t supported at the ASC? Youngstown State University utilizes Tutor Matching Service (TMS) to provide students and tutors with a simple and secure way to connect for high quality, affordable tutoring. Tutor Matching Service is a web-based "tutor list" that allows students to search for local, in-person or online tutors. The average cost of a tutor is under $10 and many tutors are available are free!  

    Students can search by subject, course code, price, ratings, availability and more. Some of the most commonly booked subjects include Chemistry, Biology, Calculus and Algebra, but there are tutors available in over 150 subjects.  

    Students can view introductory videos of the tutors, browse a tutor's schedule, book a tutor and pay a tutor (although many tutors are volunteering at $0 per hour) all through the YSU Tutor Matching Service website.  

    Tutor Matching Service offers a 100% money-back guarantee for all tutoring sessions.  

    Tutors cement their knowledge of the material by teaching others and provide a great service to the community at the same time.  




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