Request For Tutoring

Which course(s) would you like a tutor for?  For example, CHEM 1500 (Smith) 

Please mark all of the times you are available to meet with a tutor. All sessions occur at the top of each hour and are typically 50 minutes in duration.

Please note that appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to accommodate multiple requests, small groups will be formed for high demand subject areas.


CSP Tutorial Agreement


Please review our policies and procedures:

  • There will be limited availability for in-person tutoring at the CSP this semester. If in-person tutoring is desired but not available, students will be scheduled for online tutoring.
  • I will attend class, read the textbook, develop questions to ask my tutor, and attempt to complete the assignments before coming to the tutoring sessions.
  • I will arrive to the tutoring sessions on time and will bring all the necessary materials (i.e. completed or attempted assignments, syllabus, textbook, lecture notes, study guides, handouts, homework sheets, etc.) to each tutoring session.
  • If I must cancel an appointment, I will contact the Student Tutorial Center office (330-941-7253) as soon as possible.
  • I understand that I will forfeit my appointment and be removed from the tutor’s schedule due to any of the following reasons:
    • Two consecutive absences (missed or canceled appointments)
    • Chronic absenteeism
    • Not coming prepared for sessions (including not having notes)
    • Not attending class
  • If I am removed from a tutor’s schedule, I understand that I will not be permitted to schedule another appointment for that subject for the remainder of the semester since other students are waiting to be served.
  • I understand that it is not the tutor’s job to re-lecture, summarize the textbook, give me the answers, do the homework, help me with take-home quizzes or exams, etc.
  • I will participate in the session by attempting problems, answering questions to the best of my ability, taking notes, summarizing, and demonstrating my knowledge and understanding of the material.
  • I am aware that my tutor may discuss certain information about the tutorial session with their supervisor for the purpose of improving their tutorial skills or to recommend other support services that may assist me in attaining my academic goals.
  • I understand that if there is a high demand for tutoring in the course for which I am being tutored, other students may join this time as a small group.
  • I understand that usage of cell phones (for talking or texting) during a session is counterproductive, disrespectful and therefore unacceptable.
  • University Policy 3356-02-03 Discrimination/harassment applies to employees and individuals, whether paid or unpaid, who teach, coach, evaluate, supervise, advise, control, or influence student employment, academic, or resource opportunities. Tutors have significant academic influence over tutees and as a result of that influence, this policy prohibits consensual relationships between tutor and tutee.
  • Should a relationship predate you registering with the CSP as a tutee, the tutor involved in the relationship shall notify their supervisor, (or their designee), of Student Tutorial Services and alternate tutorial arrangements shall be made for the tutee.
  • If you feel that you have been subjected to, or are experiencing any forms of sexual harassment or discrimination in the course of your tutor-tutee relationship, please report this to the program coordinator and/or the Title IX Coordinator ( to learn about your options for addressing such an issue.


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