Entering Grades

Entering Grades

CCP instructors submit final grades online via the Penguin Portal, or “Banner.” Submitting final grades into the Banner system is a critical task for the internal reporting processes at the university. Failure to do so also creates problems for students who need transcripts for other colleges. CCP staff sends an e-mail reminder the week before grades are due.

Grades for high school based courses are entered after YSU's final exam week, not during. The dates are listed in the YSU CCP Calendar, found on the CCP homepage, under Helpful Resources.

Instructions for entering grades.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade of "I" may be given to a student who has been doing satisfactory work in a course but, for reasons beyond the control of the student and deemed justifiable by the instructor, had not completed all requirements for a course when grades were submitted. The Instructor discusses the reasons for giving an I with his/her CCP mentor prior to entering final grades. If approved, the instructor contacts the CCP office for next steps on changing the I to a letter grade.

A letter grade may not be changed to an I (Incomplete) after the term has ended and grades have been recorded.

For fall term courses, the final date to complete an I is March 1 of the following term; for the spring term courses, September 1; for all summer term courses, October 1. With approval by the instructor and the dean of the college in which the course is taught, the completion date may be extended. Courses not completed by the appropriate date will be converted to an F.