The new Millennium belongs to...the Class of 2022!

Mostly born in the year 2000, they arrived on the YSU campus in August as freshmen. These students were born into a world of Y2K, constantly evolving technology and social media. Read more

Award-winning upgrades to "Old Main"

Just about every university has one — an old, iconic signature building that hearkens to the institution's beginnings. At YSU, it's Jones Hall - the stately "Old Main" on the corner of Lincoln and Wick avenues. But, after reigning over the university for nearly 90 years, the old gal was starting to show her age.

  Read more

Athletic Superstitions

Sports are full of superstitions, from specific routines before every game to certain lucky meals or items. We asked YSU Student Athletes if they believe in athletic superstitions. Read more

Pilates: "You're going to walk out feeling better"

In recognition of YSU’s first graduating class from the new Master of Athletic Training program, and in anticipation of the upcoming calorie-filled holiday season and the still-to-come New Year’s resolutions for 2019, we thought we’d turn to someone in our newly named Department of Kinesiology and Sports Science to talk about an exercise method that, while more than 100 years old, is surging in popularity in recent years. Read more

Carmella Williams

Working with local businesses and creating natural hair care products in her kitchen may seem like very different activities, but to Carmella Williams, they are not that far apart at all. Both roles allow her to help others, something that she has always felt is important. Read more

Teresa (Tracey) Mitchell

When Teresa (Tracey) Mitchell graduated from YSU with a degree in Respiratory Therapy, she never would have guessed that one day she would work for the Environmental Protection Agency. She credits her YSU education with giving her the academic and real-world skills to create a unique career path. Whether working directly with patients or policy, she feels all her roles have allowed her to help others. Read more

Historical Photo

Remembering Doc H

Neil Humphrey was a man of the West, but he certainly made his impact here at YSU. A native of Idaho who worked in high-level government and higher education positions in Nevada and Alaska, Humphrey moved East in 1978 to become vice president for finance at YSU. Six years later, he was named president, here he served until his retirement in 1992. He then moved back West, to Reno, Nev., where he passed away earlier this year at the age of 89. Known for his business acumen and low-key nature, Humphrey is pictured here at 1985 Homecoming activities. Behind him to the right is Youngstown Mayor Pat Ungaro, and to the left is Youngstown Councilman Richard Hughey.
(Editor's note: In the print edition of the magazine, we misidentified Richard Hughey. We thank our readers for calling this to our attention and apologize for the mistake.)

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