Conditional Admission Requirements

How to Apply -- International Conditional Admissions

An applicant meeting all the requirements for admission except the specified level of English proficiency may be admitted conditionally. This admission is conditional upon successful completion of English language study in ESL program at YSU English Language Institute (ELI).  Conditional admission is applicable for both undergraduate and graduate applicants. To apply, please follow the instructions below.

For Undergraduate Conditional Applicants:

After finishing the above materials, submit the following required documents to by application deadline to complete your application.

For Graduate Conditional Applicants:

 Fill out and submit YSU ESL Application Form*. Make sure that you check the conditional admission box and indicate your intended major. If you are located in Mainland China, please download the fillable ESL Application PDF Form, complete and sign it. Then email the scanned copy of the form to Please note that to apply for conditional graduate admission, you are not required to pay the $45 ELI Application Fee.

 Follow How to Apply for Graduate Admissions page and complete all required materials 

Pay the $120 (US) Graduate application fee. 

Please note: Summer semester is not available to new international applicants.

For international undergraduate admission review purpose, YSU accepts scanned copies of original credentials in PDF format to (See detailed requirements for copied documents)

Students who are admitted on the basis of scanned documents must mail in or bring in the official transcripts and degree certificates for verification. Please note: Students will not be allowed to register for classes before official credentials are received. 

Please check Official Transcripts and Degree Certificates and How to Submit page for detailed information.

1. Non-Refundable Application fee.

Please pay a nonrefundable $45 (US) ELI application fee as well as international undergraduate application fee along with your online application, you may pay online or use Flywire. Please note your application will started to be reviewed and processed only after you complete the application fee.

2. International academic credentials

YSU international undergraduate admissions require a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 based on US 4.00 scale.

3. Providing proof of English Proficiency (Optional). Proof of English Proficiency is not required for conditional applicants. However, if you have an English test score taken in the past two years, you are encouraged to submit it. Please check English Proficiency Requirements. YSU institution code is 1975.

Please Note: Official ACT or SAT Test results are required ONLY for students that are first-year (freshman) applying to the Honor's Program, student athletes who must comply with NCAA eligibility requirements, and those who have attended a US high school or secondary school in another country that follows the US high school curriculum.

4. Photocopy of your valid passport page showing Photo, Name and Birth Date. If you are transferring from a US institution, please also submit photocopy of your visa page.

5. Evidence of sufficient financial resources to support the student, at least through the first year of studies. Applicants must completely fill out, scan and upload the Affidavit of Financial Support Form* as a part of their application. Applicants must scan and upload the necessary supporting documents. Bank statements must be dated within 6 months of the date of application in US dollars. See the Financial Requirements page for detailed information. Please note that NO Certificate Eligibility /I-20 or DS2019 will be issued without evidence of sufficient financial support (these documents are required when applying for an F-1 or J-1 student visa from a US consulate). Students who are admitted on the basis of scanned documents must bring their original Bank Statements to the International Programs Office for verification within their first semester of enrollment.

We strongly recommend that you keep copies of all submitted materials

Your application is considered completed only if you have submitted all of the required materials listed above. It is reasonable to expect 10-14 business days to start the process of your application after it is completed. If you have not received any response after 14 business days, you may email to check your application status.

Applicants for Engineering and Business

Please note that all students applying to an Engineering or Business program will begin their program at Youngstown State University as “Pre-Engineering” or “Pre-Business”.  Upon meeting the department’s criteria, you may then declare your major.  With department specific questions, you should outreach directly to the academic program to which you are applying.

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