Biological Sciences MS

Delve into the latest in research techniques and become a master in your field. The Master's degree program in Biology at Youngstown State prepares you to compete for top positions or doctoral study.

What You'll Study

The master's program gives you firsthand experience at every stage of research—from data collection all the way through publication and conference presentations. Working with dedicated faculty, you'll develop original research projects to prepare for careers in academia, laboratory research or advanced study.

And if your goal is focused more on corporate careers like those in pharmaceuticals, the program's non-thesis option allows you to concentrate on biological theory and principles.

With either option, your education is enhanced with access to cutting-edge facilities and experienced faculty whose research interests range from molecular genetics and aquatic ecology to neurobiology and pharmacology. They're not just your professors, but your mentors, offering intense interaction and guidance as you develop into an advanced professional.


Internships and Jobs


  •  Clintrax Global, Inc. Pharmaceuticals
  •  Lifeline Partners
  •  Forum Health
  •  Mercy Health
  •  Procter & Gamble
  •  UNC Hospitals
  •  University biology departments