Professional Academic Advising

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Pre-major students (until they have been officially admitted into their major) and other second year students who have completed 30 – 59 credit hours should see the following professional advisors based on major. 

Our professional advisors are located in the Dean’s office in Cushwa Hall, Room 2104. 
You can contact our office at (330) 941-1820

Professional Advisors by Major for students with 30 - 59 credit hours

(Does not include Pre-nursing or Pre-Med Science – see notes below)

Academic Advisor Location Email Majors Advised
Cindi Bruce Cushwa Hall 2104 Director of Undergraduate Advising
Kellie Tervo Cushwa Hall 2104

Criminal Justice (except LLLC and LKLD students) 
Pre-Dental Hygiene 
Pre-Respiratory Care 
Merchandise Fashion/Interior 
College Credit Plus 

Sue Miller Cushwa Hall 2104 Pre-Nursing (see note below)
Pre-Med Lab Science (see note below)
Undetermined HHS 
Desja Phillips Cushwa Hall 2104 Exercise Science 
Pre-Social Work 
Brian Wells Cushwa Hall 2104 Lakeland and Lorain Partnership Students 
Criminal Justice (off site) 
Social Work (off site) 
Allied Health (off site) 
Public Health 

Pre-nursing students who have applied to the nursing program will receive a letter from the Department of Nursing informing them of a mandatory meeting. Students will be assigned a faculty advisor at that time who will guide them through registration.

Pre-Med Lab Science Majors should contact Dr. Joan O’Connel-Spalla at for advising.


Book Online with your professional advisor

Online Booking is only for students with 30 - 59 credit hours or those students requesting an appointment to review their senior evaluation. 

If you have questions or need help, call 330-941-1820 (Have your Y00# ready)