Sound Mind, Body — and Education

Health is more than your physical fitness. It encompasses every aspect of your life, from the physical, to the mental and emotional. That's a high standard for some. But for us, it's our life's work.

We incorporate field and clinical experiences to give you the career advantages you need.

But it's not always what you do, it's how you do it. That's why our programs put a high emphasis on making ethical decisions and staying true to values. You'll graduate career-ready, with a holistic understanding of self and well-being.

Vision Statement

The Bitonte College of Health and Human Services produces graduates who provide exceptional health and human services to enhance quality of life in regional, national, and global communities.

Mission Statement

The Bitonte College of Health and Human Services will continue to impart knowledge, develop critical thinking, and serve society through holistic, integrative, and quality educational programs. Graduates will achieve a high level of professional competence through scholarly inquiry and transformative experiences to address society’s ever-changing demands for healthcare and human services.